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R Tutorial

In this portion of the workshop, we will work through R code for ERGMs together. The code should work in most coding environments if you have R (>=4.0.5) installed.

Binder cloud notebook

The tutorial is organized as a Jupyter notebook. This means you can follow along and run the code while looking at the notes and code output. To use this, you will need to install Jupyter Lab.

I have set up a cloud notebook with the required settings with Binder. Click the badge below to launch the tutorial notebook for our workshop on Binder:


It will take a bit of time to load. Once you see the screen with the notebooks folder, click on it, then click on ergm_tutorial.ipynb, and you’re set to go.

Some notes about using Binder:

  • the notebook can timeout if left alone for some time
  • you can download the notebook to run locally

If not Binder, choose your preferred format