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Computational Social Science for Climate Governance

Joint Course Website for Global Climate Governance (Univ. Helsinki GPC-O319) and Applied Data Science (Aalto Univ. CS-E5770)


[The current website contains information for the 2021 Spring course. It will be updated for the 2022 Spring course in due time.]

This is a collaborative course between social science students at the University of Helsinki and computer science students at Aalto University. Students will work in mixed teams to apply computational methods to study the social and political aspects of climate governance.

Click here for a detailed description of the course.

As we deal with the difficulties of online learning during a pandemic, the course is subject to adjustments, but never in the direction of increased difficulty.


Meeting Time: Tue & Thu, 14.15-15.45; 16.3-22.4 (no classes on 1.4 and 6.4)

Meeting Location: Virtual

Office Hours: By appointment.


Ted Hsuan Yun Chen he/him

Univerity of Helsinki and Aalto University

Ali Faqeeh he/him

Aalto University